Calendar Xpress comes in Two different variants offering different features.

This chart helps you to make a buying decision for perfect option serving you with the required features.


Electronic Download



Box Pack with Dongle


Multi calendar choices Wall mount Wall mount
Table top Table top
Planner Planner
Poster Poster
Mark your dates Get important dates from excel Get important dates from excel
Make your event list Make your event list
Customize date blocks Date layout Date layout
Grid Grid
Blocks Blocks
Personalize Title and text Title and text
Cliparts Cliparts
Decors Decors
Output Print Print
Share Share
Internet requirement For Registration For Registration
For Project Saving -
For Output -
Delivery of software Electronic-delivery Physical delivery

Why prefer Calendar Xpress PRO (Downloadable) variant over others?

Customer’s beneficium is what we always look for. We recommend Calendar Xpress PRO (Downloadable) variant to our prospective users as it offers following benefits:

Immediately experience the power of Calendar Xpress:
As soon as you finish the procedure of buying Calendar Xpress, you can install it and register it. No long waiting for the delivery of the software.

Bunch of additional features:
Get additional features that enhance your experience of designing.

Save on price:
As a special customer, you get Calendar Xpress PRO (Downloadable) at a lower rate as compared to PRO (Box pack)

Save shipping cost:
No more shipping charges. Onetime payment for software.

Box Pack Version With Dongle

Calendar Xpress Box Pack is a physical variant sent by post and arrives in a few days. This option may involves shipping costs. Box Pack comes with Dongle, which ensures workings without internet. This variant has all the features of PRO version.

Buy With Confidence

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